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Incognito hemp

Welcome to Incognito Hemp, where we blend innovation and relaxation with our high-quality cannabinoid distillates, including our standout disposable vapes boasting a potent 30% THCa content. As pioneers in the cannabis and hemp industry, we're committed to transparency, consistency, and expanding our diverse product portfolio to cater to every need—from recreational users to those seeking natural pain relief. Join us on our journey to redefine the cannabis experience with trusted products and a touch of fun.


Incognito pioneers innovation in the hemp industry, ensuring that unique, high-quality cannabinoid products are accessible to all.


Incognito prioritizes quality, offering products that meet the highest purity and safety standards, with a commitment to transparency through comprehensive lab results.


Incognito’s specialty lies in high-THCa products, particularly disposable vapes with unmatched THCa content, establishing them as industry leaders in this niche.


Incognito maintains brand consistency across all touchpoints and strategically diversifies its product portfolio to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving cannabis and hemp market.

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